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Destination Training

At Miller, we truly believe that the best classroom is our local community. For community participation to happen we have a dedicated Mobility team. Mobility works with every intern learning how to travel safely in the community.

Under the direct supervision of the highly trained team, the interns practice street safety, crossing at lights, taking the MTA, and stranger danger. They learn to pay attention to their surroundings and how and who to ask for help.

The Destination training program has staff meeting interns at their homes and teaching them how to take the MTA to and from school. They learn schedules, bus numbers, landmarks, and how to problem-solve. If an intern is ready to take this next step, the mobility staff communicates with parents and students and gets approval before the intern uses the MTA to and from Miller. While it is true that not all interns will learn to travel independently, they all still gain knowledge and experience by taking the MTA. 

 Travelling to work
 On the Bus
 Getting off the bus