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Miller students participate in a variety of hands on academic classes that focus on the functional skills needed to participate in their communities as adults.

Career Classes

Career Awareness Overview 

This class provides an overview of types of employment, the skills needed to apply for and keep entry-level jobs, and information about post-secondary supports available for individuals with disabilities. As part of this course, students will create a resume and practice interview skills. During the year students will explore personal strengths and interests related to working and begin identifying personal work goals and plans for reaching those goals.

Job Experience 1 and 2

During the course of the year, students learn about different types of entry-level jobs. During each unit, students participate in hands-on activities related to each job, as well as practice applying and interviewing for jobs in these fields. During the course, students will have the opportunity to identify their interests in each job they explore and continue to develop a job plan.

Independent Living Classes

Independent Living Overview

This class provides an overview of the skills needed to maintain a home. Students learn about basic cleaning, cooking, shopping, and travel, as well as work on money and time management skills.

Meal Preparation/Healthy Living

This year-long course focuses on teaching students the skills needed to cook at home. Subjects taught include reading recipes. Shopping for needed items, knife skills, basic meal planning, cooking, and cleaning. In addition, the class focuses on teaching students the skills needed for healthy living, including nutrition and exercise.

Independent Living Simulation

In this course students put into practice community skills including shopping, accessing services, taking public transportation, taking care of a home, and cooperating with roommates through both on and off-campus experiences.

Social Skills Classes

Social Skills Overview

This class provides an overview of the interpersonal skills students will focus on while at Miller. These include emotional regulation, communication, and social-emotional topics of focus.

Self Awareness

This art-based class focuses on students developing social skills through the use of various art mediums. Students learn about topics including emotions, expected behaviors, making decisions, and setting goals while completing art-based projects to deepen their understanding of each subject.

Social Awareness

This team-building based class focuses on developing interpersonal skills through hands-on team-building activities. Students learn about concepts such as perspective-taking, communication skills, and healthy relationships while utilizing the skills to complete team challenges.